Cross Country Skiing in Yellowstone

This may be the snowmobile capital of the world, but it’s also a budding, booming cross-country skiing mecca. Before the snowmobiles get revved up for the season, the silent, snow-covered streets of West Yellowstone whisper with the sound of skis swish-swishing through town.

For the more adventurous…

Biscuit Basin Drop is a great option on the regular Old Faithful Tour. This cross-country ski or snowshoe follows gently rolling terrain 2 1/2 miles along the Firehole River, through the Upper Geyser Basin right to Old Faithful, passing fully 1/4 of the world’s geysers along the way! There you meet your guide and other snowcoachers for the scenic trip back to West Yellowstone. You should make arrangements for a sack lunch and bring a small daypack, as you may want to stop along the trail for a picnic.