Yellowstone Kayaking Tours

Kayaking the waters west of Yellowstone lets you experience this unspoiled ecosystem as you glide along the pristine lakes and rivers in your own sleek kayak.

Join our friendly expert guides as you explore the rivers and lakes bordering Yellowstone National Park.

No experience necessary! Paddling techniques are relatively simple and easy to learn and every trip is expertly guided. Our fleet of kayaks includes state of the art tandem and single boats designed to be extremely stable yet fast on the water. We strive to match groups according to interests and abilities making your kayak adventure with Yellowstone Alpen Guides a delightful and unforgettable experience.

Yellowstone Alpen Guides has 25 years of experience guiding throughout this landmark ecosystem. Our skilled guides are great traveling partners. Their confident, helpful manner will make you comfortable and proficient while exploring our unique surroundings. Our trademark service will make your visit the best it can be.


**These tours originate only in West Yellowstone, MT. Tours are conducted outside of Yellowstone National Park. For kayaking inside of Yellowstone National Park, please contact the park service.**